There are many issues to consider when selecting a remodeling company to work with. Many of these issues are the same ones we encounter when considering doing business with a new subcontractor or material vendor. We find that it is always prudent to obtain referrals from known and trusted sources. If this is not an option, a web search or consulting your local phone book are also good alternatives.

When contacting any potential contractor, be prepared to ask questions regarding the manner in which they do business:

  • How long have they been in business? Being new in business doesn’t necessarily indicate inexperience. However, an established relationship with material suppliers, specialty contractors, and other associated professionals will help move the project along.
  • Do they specialize in the type of work you’d like to have done? Not all contractors excel in every aspect of a particular remodeling project. Exercise caution when matching your project to the right contractor.
  • Will they help with the design process? Many contractors are capable of doing design work, and can provide helpful suggestions based on experience. If you’re using an independent designer, it’s good practice to involve your contractor in order to maximize the benefits from the synergetic relationship of compatible professionals.
  • Do they charge for estimates? Accurate and detailed estimates take time, and investing in one may save you in the long run. Beware of contractors offering “fast” or “free” estimates. There are many components to account for in a remodeling project, and you want to make sure that your contractor has considered all of them. Paying for estimating services can help to ensure that your contractor has taken the time necessary to be accurate and complete.
  • Can they provide you with information that will be helpful in your product selection? Contractors can often relate their field experiences regarding certain products. This ability may assist you in your decision making process.
  • Are you comfortable with this person? Will the contractor be addressing your needs regarding your project, and the methods employed to achieve the desired results? Remodeling can be a very personal experience, make sure you feel as though you can communicate well.

Throughout the entire remodeling process, Pam’s exemplary work ethic, business standards and professional behavior demonstrated her pride in everything she did.

— J. M.,
Santa Rosa